Carrie + Craig | Colorado Mountain Engagement | Colorado Engagement Photographer

Not every love story needs to be out of a romance-comedy to be absolutely perfect. Carrie and Craig had a chance meeting while they both worked at a sushi bar where they instantly clicked. Craig’s humor captivated Carrie but it was his patience and determination that helped solidify their love.

The two of them shared everything with each other, beginning their own family in August 2015 as they welcomed their first son into their lives. As the new family relocated to Northern Colorado, Craig decided that it was about time to make his family complete. With the help of their son, Craig asked that ever so important question underneath a yuletide Christmas display, where the only thing more captivating than the holiday spirit was the magical moment the two shared. I was so thrilled they had me capture their love and it was so amazing getting to know these two wonderful people.