Michaela + Daniel | Colorado Wedding Photographer | Colorado Elopement Photographer

The spark that ignites a lifelong love can come in many different ways. Sometimes, these sparks come in randomly and in ways we often don’t expect. As is the case with the budding romance of Michaela & David. Meeting through the ever moving channels of friendship and excitement, these two found each other out in Red Rocks while each was entertaining their friends. A comical exchange and a bit of a snafu and these two ended up finding time to spend with each other in Boulder before becoming completely enveloped with each other. Their blossoming romance carried them off to the mountains of Colorado where they continued to grow their love for one another, leading to a beautiful marriage on 11/11 at 11:11 AM (both Michaela and David were born at 1:11 PM and 11:11 AM respectively). A simple wedding up in the mountains reflects the beauty of Michaela + David and the quick growth of their love is the embodiment of pure romance. What a joyous and beautiful couple and I feel so privileged to have been able to capture their love so they can remember the beginning of their life together for the rest of their lives.